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Find and compare plans based on what you need most:

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Short Term and Supplemental Health Insurance

Get additional coverage to supplement your current health insurance and thus:

  • Help you cover those medical expenses that may not be covered by your insurance.
  • ­Don’t miss out on insurance! Short-term health insurance can be a quick and flexible solution to help fill your coverage gap. 

Group and Business Insurance

Get health care coverage and business protection:

  • We offer you employee retention strategies with benefit alternatives that fit your needs.
  • We protect your investment by minimizing the financial risks associated with unexpected events.

Life and Disability Insurance

Get life insurance that protects the most important thing that is your Family.

  • Whether you’re looking for the economics of term life insurance, long-term protection and the cash value of permanent life insurance, or a combination of both, we have options that fit your needs and your budget.
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Auto insurance

Get auto insurance that can give you discounts for being a good driver:

  • We offer a wide range of plans, from the most basic to the premium plans. Whether you need auto, truck, commercial vehicle, motorcycle and RV insurance products.
  • Save money with multiple policy discounts!

Home and Property Insurance

Get home insurance that can protect your biggest investment:

  • Le protegemos su hogar y sus pertenencias en caso de un desastre como incendio, alcantarillado, robo y granizo.
  • Le ayudamos a comprender sus necesidades específicas con el fin de que obtengas la cobertura más adecuada para su estilo de vida y vivienda.

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Our authorized agents konnect and guide you through plan options and help you quantify and manage risks – and we help you assess your  coverage needs for all types of risk, for both individuals and businesses. Our purpose is to help you discover new opportunities for your growth.

Secure All Your Employees!

Health is first. Do you want your employees to be happy? Keep them healthy! To build employee commitment, the first thing you need to do is create a medical coverage plan that covers the expenses  an employee requires.